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Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience 2024

2024 Learning Experiences


See the transformational learning experiences offered at The Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience 2024. Expert thought leaders are committed to equipping you to excel in Christian nonprofit leadership!

(Note: Changes or substitutions may occur before the event.)



Inspiration and encouragement for you to keep running your race!

Mainstage Word of the Day: Naomi Cramer Overton, General Editor, Every Women's Bible Project

Mainstage Worship: Ayanda Khumalo | Worship Arts Pastor for  Woodside Bible Church

Mainstage Keynote: Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero | Pastor of the Gathering Place

Mainstage Keynote: Dr. Rob McKenna | Founder of WiLD Leaders

Mainstage Keynote: Dr. Marvin Campbell | President of The Navigators U.S.

Mainstage Panel: How to Create Caring Cultures

  • Host: Elaine Welcome | VP FaithSearch Partners 
  • Panel Host: Ed Fry | President of FaithSearch Partners

Panelists Include:

  1. Commission Kenneth G. Hodder, Commander of The Salvation Army U.S.
  2. Laura Gardner, President of Joni and Friends
  3. Dr. Justin Irving, Leadership Chair | Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  4. Fran Brown | Managing Partner of CapinCrouse

Mainstage Keynote: Faith Eury Cho | Founder of the Honor Summit

Mainstage Keynote: Dr. John K. Jenkins  Sr.| Pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden


Discover positional focus with a heart to steward your assignment with wisdom, tools, and best practice templates. Become equipped for excellence.

Training and Templates | Presented by Global Trust Partners

Welcome Presentation for the Series

Session 1: Training for Board Members

Session 2: Training for Board Chairs

Session 3: Training for Board Treasures

Session 4: Training for Board Secretaries

Session 5: Training for Chief Executive Officers

Session 6: Training for Chief Financial Officers

Session 7: Training for Chief Operating Officers

Session 8: Training for Church Pastors

Session 9: Training for Church Ministry Administrators

Session 10: Training for Fundraising and Communication Officers

Session 11: Training for Human Resources and Technology Officers

Session 12: Training for Training and Program Officers


Multi-session intensives accelerate competency and expand leadership capacity.

The Shepherd Leader

This workshop explores shepherding as a biblically based leadership principle for executives. Participants will develop a common leadership language grounded in Scripture and translate biblical principles into immediately applicable and practical behaviors for their ministries. Outcomes: 1) Position shepherding as a universal godly leadership, 2) View Provision, Protection, and Presence as critical responsibilities of genuine shepherding, and 3) Establish absolute surrender to the Father as a requirement to be an effective, godly shepherd leader.

Six Sessions

FACULTY: Holly Culhane, Founder, President, and CEO of Presence Point

Pivot Points in Life and Leadership |  Part I and 2

More than ever, leaders everywhere are experiencing heavy life challenges and losses while still needing to carry out their ministry responsibilities. In this leadership Intensive, you will learn from 8 leaders and their stories about the pivot points that transform how they think, love, and serve.

Eight Sessions

FACULTY:  Assorted

Mastering The Art of Fundraising

Master the art of fundraising through this dynamic 4-part intensive designed to help you strategize, execute, and oversee a successful capital campaign. We'll steer you through every campaign phase, arming you with actionable insights, cutting-edge strategies, and unbeatable best practices. Unleash fundraising potential, cultivate significant donors, and propel organizational success. Outcomes: 1) Apply a blueprint for every effective capital campaign, 2) Implement proven principles of campaign execution, and 3) Apply insights on how significant donors think and how to cultivate their support.

Six Sessions

FACULTY: Pat McLaughlin, Founder and President, and Ron Haas, Vice President, The Timothy Group

Resource Development





Influence the thinking, behavior, and development of self, teams, and organizations.



Motivation Matters: The Fine Art of Motivating Teams

This is a crash course on motivation, influence, and moving ahead. Leading is about moving people and projects forward. Learn how to build buy-in, wield influence, and advance toward a goal. Outcomes: 1) Explore the Motivational Continuum: what makes humans move and the pros and cons of motivational strategies; 2) Discern how to pump up commitment with practical strategies to build buy-in, elevate engagement, and turn busy work into worthy work, and 3) Identify and overcome roadblocks to movement and change.

FACULTY: Dr. Andrew Johnston, Founder, Johnston Consulting

Be an Example!

This workshop will examine our role in raising the next generation of global ministry leaders and explore how to train that new generation best. Outcomes: 1) Define how to train the next generation to live as leaders called by God, with a deeper understanding of the Bible's call to biblical mentorship; 2) Embrace our role in raising the next generation of ministry leaders, and 3) Identify a person in whom to invest as a mentor.

FACULTY: Dr. Peggy Banks, Vice President of Global Assistance, International Christian Concern

Becoming an Outward Facing CEO

An outward-facing CEO can better advance their ministry when opportunities arrive. Prepare with us to open doors, make connections, and develop your message through public speaking, internally and externally. Outcomes: 1) Assess and activate your Rolodex and network, 2) Prepare your signature talks that leave people wanting more, and 3) Launch your message onto platforms, stages, and meetings you could have never imagined.

FACULTY: Jessica Lalley, Founder of Voices To Connect, and Eva Daniel, Founder and Owner of The Speak Shop

Foundations for Ministry Growth

This dynamic and interactive workshop is designed to equip participants with essential principles and practical strategies for fostering growth and impact in their ministries. Through discussion, real-life examples, and collaborative exercises, attendees will gain valuable insights for growth. Outcomes: 1) Participants will gain insights into improving their inspirational and spiritual leadership, 2) Recognize the impact of a flourishing workplace culture on ministry growth, and 3) Cultivate leadership skills that nurture growth.

FACULTY: Al Lopus, Cofounder and Board Chair, Best Christian Workplaces, and Kevin Enders, President, 4Kids

How, Then, Shall We Lead?

Today's world is upside down. This session will explore practical tools for leading your organization through the current cultural storm with confidence, strength, and compassion. Outcomes: 1) Using case studies, be able to effectively respond to shifting cultural norms; 2) Define ministry values to help you (compassionately) not capitulate to shifting personal values; and 3) Implement a framework to evaluate what to address and what to ignore.

FACULTY: Steve Maegdlin, CEO, Executive Advisory Partners

 Improving EQ and CQ in Your Ministry Teams

EQ and CQ are more than buzzwords. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) are essential for thriving ministries. By infusing our organizations with emotional and cultural intelligence, we clear away stumbling blocks for our teams and those we serve. Outcomes: 1) Apply God's design for working with intergenerational and intercultural teams, 2) Integrate best practices for improving team and organizational EQ and CQ, and 3) Incorporate insights from the latest research in EQ, CQ, and organizational culture.

FACULTY: Dr. Teresa Moon, President & CEO, Institute for Cultural Communicators

Build Alignment Throughout Your Ministry

Unlock the secret to team alignment. Learn to cast a clear, actionable vision. Design compelling meeting rhythms that foster collaboration and keep everyone in sync. Harmonize short-term goals with your long-term vision. Outcomes: 1) Craft a compelling and actionable vision that resonates with team members across all levels, 2) Create well-designed meeting rhythms to facilitate communication and collaboration and maintain alignment across teams, and 3) Implement strategies for aligning short-term goals and projects with the organization's long-term vision and strategic objectives.

FACULTY: Chad Williams, CEO, Five Q


Elevating Leader Care

In this session, you will recieve a review of the new ECFA standard for member accreditation. The focus is on CEO care.

FACULTY: Michael Martin, President of ECFA

Maximizing Board Effectiveness

Far too many boards are ineffective. Far too many board members feel unsure about their role. This presentation will present the three main types of nonprofit boards. Outcomes: 1) Determine what type of board you have and what you want, 2) Guide your board to be more effective, no matter what type of board you have, and 3) Address and eliminate board dysfunction.

FACULTY: Dr. James Galvin, President, Galvin and Associates Inc.

Strategic Planning: The Board's Role

A keyboard role is to set strategy, typically through a strategic plan. How the board engages in strategy varies significantly based on the board's purpose and organizational culture. Outcomes: 1) Examine different types of boards and how the board's role varies depending on board type, 2) Explore various possible board roles in developing the strategic plan and determine which fits your organization, and 3) Be able to monitor the performance of the strategic plan once it moves to execution.

FACULTY: Caryn Ryan, Managing Member and Erin Moriarty, Human Resources Director, Missionwell




Understand how to strengthen your mind, body, and soul for a more significant Kingdom impact.


Creating and Sustaining a Leader Development Culture

Developing leaders is a critical capacity-building function for every ministry. This session will focus on three principles from 2 Timothy 2: 1-6 essential to creating and maintaining a leadership development culture.

FACULTY: Andrea Buczynski, (title)

The Integrated Leader

Interpersonal discord often reveals deeper internal conflict. Unconscious motivations and unspoken vows create turmoil and a vicious cycle where actions betray beliefs. Learn how to break this cycle. The Holy Spirit wants to work with us to bring awareness, repair, and change. Outcomes: 1) Discover areas of formation that impact interpersonal relationships, 2) Transform hard conversations and complex relationships through more profound awareness and curiosity, and 3) Identify places of fragmentation and imbalance where God is inviting integration.

FACULTY: Andrea Leigh Capuyan, CCNL, Executive Director, Laurel Pregnancy Center (the LPC)

Are You Maximizing Your Gift

We are each born with a gift, but what are you doing to MAXIMIZE what God has? It’s time to search out the matter, assess your present, and step into the season of maximizing. Outcomes: 1) Identify your God-given gift(s) and where they are in operation; 2) Be equipped with biblical tools to break barriers and maximize your God-given gift(s); and 3) Assess the impact of maximizing your gift(s) and the importance of consistent cultivation.

FACULTY: Alicia (AC) Dunlap, Communications Manager, Rhema Christian Center

Yes, You are a Creative Problem Solver

What are the dynamics b"hind"th" "se," h," Eur," ka” great ideas we sometimes get? We will discuss what's involved in creative problem-solving and how we inhibit those ideas through stress, busyness, and lack of attention. Unleash your creative problem-solving potential. Outcomes: 1) Discern the internal creative problem-solving process, 2) Recognize how we often get in our way from unleashing creative problem-solving abilities, and 3) Implement practical steps to become more effective creative problem-solvers.

FACULTY: Dr. Matt Frawley, Vice President, Content and Business Development, PolymathGod'svati

God's Will in Your Wallet

Money is the most powerful tool ever invented, and great leaders handle it wisely. In the Parable of the Shrewd Manager, Jesus articulates four financial principles to make the most of whatever he has entrusted you. Outcomes: 1) Discover the true purpose of wealth and why handling wealth well matters from here to eternity, 2) Learn all the accounting you need in three minutes, and 3) Use three financial tools to build a personal financial God's for God’s glory.

FACULTY: Dr. John Thornton, Founder, Getting Rich Right

Nurturing Healthy and Thriving Executive Leaders

Drawing wisdom from the Bible, contemporary leadership theory, and insights from over 200 executive leaders, this session explores common challenges and relevant recommendations for pursuing health and effectiveness as organizational leaders. Outcomes: 1) Develop a biblical vision for healthy leaders and thriving organizations, 2) identify pressing challenges that Christian organizational leaders face, as reported by over 200 executive leaders, and 3) Apply recommendations for how Christian executive leaders may practice healthy leadership for thriving organizations.

FACULTY: Dr. Justin Irving, Duke K. McCall Professor of Christian Leadership, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Maximizing Personal and Professional Impact

We want to use our time well and to be a positive influence on those we lead. Join us as we consider ways we can do that better. Outcomes: 1) Develop planning strategies to utilize your time more effectively, 2) Identify ways people diminish the capacity of individuals around them intentionally or unintentionally, and 3) Build up the staff and leaders around you for tremendous team success.

FACULTY: Vonna Laue, CCNL, Executive Director of Global Services and CFO, TEAM

Spiritual Attunement for Difficult Times

Are you feeling weary, burdened, or fearful? This workshop will guide you through practices to help you spiritually attune to Jesus and find rest for your souls. Outcomes: 1) EmoreGod'sod'seGod'sod’s presence, guidance, peace, wisdom & courage for the challenges you face; 2) Practice exercising the muscles, movements, and postures of spiritual attunement; and 3) Practice helping each other voice, clarify, claim & act on tsenseGod'sod'seGod'sod’s guidance.

FACULTY: Tracy Mathews, Executive Director

Return on Failure

In this dynamic workshop, Christian nonprofit leaders share how they turned vulnerabilities into strength, telling personal stories of failure and redemption and inspiring attendees to navigate setbacks as opportunities for growth and organizational success. Outcomes: 1) Apply strategies and frameworks for transforming failures into opportunities for personal growth and organizational development; 2) Enhance leadership skills by encouraging openness, vulnerability, and learning from failure; and 3) Develop practical skills to analyze and learn from failures, incorporating lessons learned into future decision making.

FACULTY: Jeremy Reis, Vice President of Marketing, CRISTA Ministries,

 Be the Unicorn

How can someone make themselves indispensable? Learn 12 teachable"e t"aits "ll" and unic" runs" have in common. How can hiring managers embrace each trait? Apply actionable takeaways for incorporating each trait into your personal and professional life. Outcomes: 1) Discern t"e me"ning" of “so"t skil"s "s"ills” or “hum"n skills,” 2) Develop soft skills in your own life for better job success and growth in interpersonal relationships outside of work, and 3) Feel secure in your career future, despite the rise of AI technology.

FACULTY: William Vanderbloemen, Founder and CEO, Vanderbloemen Search Group

Leadership Within Your Aiming Stakes

Experience this dynamic and exciting leadership presentation by a former Green Beret and Chaplain to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It will challenge leaders to synthesize and prioritize their personal and business lives. Outcomes: 1) As a leader, be able to synthesize the essentials from the non-essentials; 2) As a leader, ensure that your left and right aiming stakes are in place; and 3) As a leader, ensure you aren't afraid to carry the mortar.

FACULTY: George Youstra, Deputy Chief Chaplain, Marketplace Chaplains

Overcoming Challenges in Life and Leadership 

More than ever, leaders everywhere are experiencing heavy life challenges and losses while still needing to carry out their ministry responsibilities. How, therefore, can we overcome these challenges in life and leadership? This intensive will provide you with tangible practices and transferable tools. Outcomes: 1) Identify core lies that can impede your ability to live some life’s challenges and losses, 2) Find hope amid grief and loss, a God's See God’s life in life’s hard places.

FACULTY: Gina Holm, Associate Director, Navigators Life & Leadership Coaching



Learn to connect the ministry mission to the hearts and minds of God-called supporters. As a faithful steward, make planning, care, and excellence the posture of your heart.


 Double Production in Five Years

This session applies pastoral/servant leadership principles. It’s a practical look at leading with a pastor’s heart to move a fundraising department toward doubling gift planning production in five years. (A case study half-way in.) Outcomes: 1) Forgiveness: Don’t expect to supervise perfect employees. Meet them where they are, 2) Shepherd Introspection: Therefore, look at the log in your eye. Don’t throw stones. Face mistakes, and 3) Authority: Therefore, face hard facts about goals, money, and laws you didn’t write.

FACULTY: Dr. Scott Janney, Territorial Director of Gift Planning, The Salvation Army, Eastern USA Territory

Vocational Conviction for Christian Fundraisers

The Christian fundraising profession is often viewed as a necessary "evil" to the "real" work of ministry done by program staff. We will explore theological, philosophical, and practical implications of Christian fundraising and development as a craft and calling. Outcomes: 1) Gain theological understanding of the call of Christian fundraising, 2) Evaluate current views on fundraising in light of historical perspectives, and 3) Take practical steps to lean into your growth and ownership of your profession as a Christian fundraiser.

FACULTY: Nathan Jones, President, Youth for Christ Foundation

Subscription Philanthropy: A New Wave of Giving

Unlock untapped funding: The Subscription Economy has led to the rise of Subscription Philanthropy, a new wave of giving impacting all nonprofits. Learn from a national study of successful nonprofits and tap into recurring giving for long-term sustainability. Outcomes: 1) Explore the rise of Subscription Philanthropy - a new era of giving, 2) Gain insight from successful nonprofits on how to build a resilient, high-value giving program, and 3) Tap into the core elements of thriving subscription-giving programs.

FACULTY: Dave Raley, Founder, Imago Consulting

The 5 T's of Biblical Stewardship

Learn the 5 T's of Biblical stewardship (Time, Talent, Treasure, Temple, and Testimony). Assess your current stewardship/donor plan to determine if you fully engage each of the 5 T's of your donor's motivations. Outcomes: 1) Define the difference between biblical stewardship (5 T's) and secular fundraising, 2) Discern ways to engage your donors to understand their giving motives fully, and 3) Assess your current stewardship/development plan and evaluate if it is engaging all 5 T's of a donor’s motivation.

FACULTY: Kent Wallace, President/Founder, and Mark Davidhizar, Senior Consultant, Visionworks Consulting, Inc.


 Let's Build a Communications Plan!

Harness the power of focused communication! A solid communications plan is vital for success, whether introducing a new initiative, promoting an event, or campaigning for gifts. Simplify, streamline, and amplify your most important messages. Outcomes: 1) Recognize why defining your target audience and creating personas can bring greater clarity to your message and marketing tactics, 2) Narrow your messaging focus and translate that into an editorial calendar, and 3) Determine the channels that support your marketing objectives.

FACULTY: Heather Day, Director of Marketing, Barnabas Foundation

Accelerating Revenue with Marketing Strategy

A tailored marketing strategy is key to your organization’s revenue growth. Learn the components of an implementable marketing strategy to boost your short- and long-term revenue. Outcomes: 1) Discover the components of a smart marketing strategy, 2) Identify organizational growth opportunities and learn how to tie them to target audiences, and 3) Recognize how to use key strategies to create compelling long-term growth.

FACULTY: Mike Farag, CEO, Chief Strategist

Cause Why? Giving Back to Bring Purpose

Which cause does your brand support? Which brand supports your cause? So many organizations, brands, and individuals are quickly choosing or feeling pressured to support a cause. They grab the latest headline only to lose focus when the cause loses momentum. Outcomes: 1) Recognize how a strong foundation of mission/vision/values matters, 2) Build a framework of purpose – starting with looking at you, your company/brand, and your customers/donors, and 3) Know the difference between a cause-driven organization and a purpose-driven organization.

FACULTY: Mike Lenda, Chief Services Officer, 5by5 - A Change Agency

Purposeful Marketing: Maximizing Mission Impact

Get the right people to respond to marketing and fundraising. Discover how to leverage your mission statement to connect with your audience through compelling storytelling, genuine authenticity, and impactful engagement. Maximize mission impact through purposeful marketing! Outcomes: 1) Deliver message impact by leveraging your mission statement, 2) Create impact with people, not data. Know the donors/recipients you serve, and 3) Tell their story, not yours. What's your audience's story? Use their words and phrases everywhere!

FACULTY: Jedidiah McCampbell, CEO, Boundaryless Marketing

 Embracing the Power of Texting

Great leaders are great communicators, and great communicators have embraced texting. Learn best practices for adding the text ingredient to your multi-channel communication recipe. Outcomes: 1) Extend the digital reach of your ministry to mobile devices using trackable URLs and videos, 2) Learn best practices and see examples of experiential giving strategies using text to grow and retain donors, and 3) Optimize operations by texting your volunteers, staff and those that benefit from your services.

FACULTY: Mike Cantrell, Founder/COO, Powered by Text


Emerging Trends in Digital Fundraising

Join us as we discuss the current landscape in digital fundraising and technology adoption. Learn how innovative ministries incorporate AI and computer-based learning to help lift fundraising results. Outcomes: 1) Equip yourself with information to help prioritize technology usage and adaptation for your ministry, 2) Implement the fastest growing and most promising areas of digital technology for the year ahead, and 3) Recognize how nonprofits incorporate computer-based learning and AI into their fundraising programs.

FACULTY: Amy Sewell, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions

Building Effective Data Governance

Data helps discernment and decision-making about outcomes, but only when people can find, trust, and use the data well. Learn lessons from our experience at Compassion International in maturing data governance for ministry successes. Outcomes: 1) Recognize why effective data governance is important, 2) Apply criteria for planning and implementing effective data governance, and 3) Recognize how governance increases interactions and shared discernment and define ways to measure success.

FACULTY: Jeffrey Collins, Senior Director of Data Management, Compassion International


8 Keys to Effective Teamwork

Learn and apply eight keys to building a healthy, effective team. This workshop provides a definition of teamwork, a short assessment of any team, and a model by which to improve continuously. Identify yteam'sam's strengths and needs and commit to your team's actions to improve. Outcomes: 1) Identify eight critical elements of effective teams, 2) Assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and 3) Determine how and where to continue to develop the effectiveness of your team.

FACULTY: Jay Bransford, President and CEO, Best Christian Workplaces

 Volunteer Leadership Training

The church is called"to "equip the saints for works of ser"ice" (Eph. 4:11-13). However, you are missing out if your volunteer training is teaching tasks! Integrate leadership in volunteers and transform your organization from the inside out. Outcomes: 1) Change how you think" of "volunteer" rs," 2) If you want everyone on the same page, you must develop the page, and 3) Recognize the top four lessons every training should have: identity, teamwork, leadership, and testimony.

FACULTY: Aaron Stroman, Consultant, Stroman & Associates


Transformational Thinking

Organizational changes integrated inconsistently over time result in complexities in the accounting system and reporting. Getting to a redesigned system that provides relevant and timely information will require transformational thinking. Outcomes: 1) Develop an action plan based on the desired results, 2) Apply the lessons learned in the application case, and 3) Create communications and strategies for successful adoption.

FACULTY: Melodi Bunting, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Wegner CPAs

Faculty Meet-Ups

Special Broadcasted Presentations

The schedule for these live presentations will be available on the Global Digital Experience Event Calendar. You can review the events and save them to your calendar for easy access.

To be time zone friendly, we will work to record as many Faculty Meet-ups and Special Presentations as possible and make them available on-demand for all attendees.