Christian Leadership Alliance invites you to submit a teaching proposal for The Outcomes Conference 2020, April 7-9, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas!

The theme of The Outcomes Conference 2020 is "Transform."

Being transformed into the image of Christ requires sacrifice, surrender and the internal conditioning of our hearts and minds, but it makes all the difference in how we lead -- and follow. Our teaching sessions should integrate ideas to strengthen the importance of being unified and interdependent in our shared mission to transform the world for Christ.

  • Call for Presentations proposals are due to Christian Leadership Alliance by July 29, 2019
  • Status updates (yes/no) will be provided to you by August 30, 2019
  • Presenters* submit handouts in a single PDF file to The Alliance by no later than February 28, 2020

*If selected, you will receive additional information on handout requirements.


We invite you to submit a proposal for:

  • 6-hour Full Day Intensives (3 presenters, maximum)
  • 1.5 hour Conference Workshops (2 presenters, maximum)

We have exciting news! At the Outcomes Conference 2020, we’ll be offering 1.5 hour Conference Workshops as well as 6-hour Full Day Intensives on both Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9. This gives attendees great options every day and allows them the freedom to personalize their own conference experience.

General Submission Guidelines:

Submissions for The Outcomes Conference must be:

  • Biblically-based
  • Practical
  • Relevant
  • Compelling
  • Transformational
  • Outcomes oriented


Christian Leadership Alliance offers higher thinking that is transformative in the life of today’s Christian leader. At the center of that commitment is our experienced faculty, and the Christian leadership training offered in the Full Day Intensives and Workshops at The Outcomes Conference.

You are welcome to pass this information along to other qualified presenters. Please note that we prioritize submissions from Alliance members. We also seek to maintain a proper balance between ministry practitioners and experts from the business world in each of our learning tracks.

Special Notes:

1. Alliance Members will be Prioritized:

All are welcome to submit, but presentations submitted by Alliance Members will be prioritized.

2. Submission Does Not Guarantee Selection:

We are blessed each year with more submissions than teaching slots, so submission does not guarantee selection. Proposals will be evaluated in light of the course description, learning objectives, presenters’ credentials and expertise, past evaluations of presenters from previous conference courses, and the overall needs of the conference program.

3. Academic Focus:

Presenters must agree that they will not use the time for promotion of their organization or its services, but rather sharing successful practices and takeaways that meet Christian Leadership Alliance's "General Submission Guidelines."

4. Academic Level:

We will seek to offer a blend of all levels in our training: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Update and Overview.

5. Connect to the Conference Theme:

It is ideal if your submission connects with this year's conference theme, "Transform." We would just ask that you weave into your presentation how applying the principles you share will enhance the impact of leaders and organizations they represent.

"Transform" conference theme: As a leader, you know the continuous pressures of high-velocity change. The needs and challenges in today's world are increasing, even as technology rapidly advances and access to information grows. We as leaders are experiencing a perfect storm of colliding change agents. But leaders who follow Christ have a different perspective and response to intensity of change. That's why the theme of the Outcomes Conference 2020 is "Transform." Being transformed into the image of Christ requires sacrifice, surrender and the intentional conditioning of our hearts and minds, but it makes all the difference in how we lead — and follow.

Eight Lifelong Learning Tracks:

Our Call for Presentations covers the eight tracks of professional leadership content offered by Christian Leadership Alliance - Executive Leadership, Resource Development, Financial Management, People Management and Care, Communications and Marketing, Internet and Technology, Board Governance, and Tax and Legal.

Track Content Guidelines:

Submissions should be oriented towards Christian nonprofit leadership, although sessions may offer broad application for any called to Christian leadership regardless of sphere. The submissions can, and should, go beyond these specific topics, but please see below for topical ideas in each of our eight educational tracks:

1. Executive Leadership

We seek submissions that offer a transformative, biblically-based, perspective on executive leadership. Potential topics include: encouraging steward leadership, equipping today’s Christian leader, preparing future leaders, the heart of a leader/soul care, managing leadership transitions wisely, leading as Christians in our times, principles for team building, strategic thinking/strategic planning, building dynamic organizational cultures, strengthening CEO/Board relationships, ensuring continuous improvement, resolving organizational conflict, the power of peer networking, CEO challenges and opportunities, and more.

2. Resource Development

We seek submissions that offer transformational perspectives on resource development. These submissions should be biblically-based and practical, and should contribute excellence, both in theory and applied practice. Submissions should be aimed at helping development professionals to see themselves as steward leaders and their work as a ministry calling, offering a transformative approach to development that grows givers' hearts. Potential topics include: acquiring major donors, mid-level donor cultivation, successful practices and applications in donor analytics, use of technology in the field, increasing donor retention, strategic planning for development, multi-channel donor relationship building, effective capital campaigns, securing grants, generations and giving, development trends, volunteer engagement and cultivation strategies, and more.

3. Financial Management

We seek submissions that define the unique role of financial managers, and the biblically-based call for effective financial stewardship. Potential topics include: big picture financial management of Christian nonprofit organizations, effective budgeting, building and managing an effective accounting department, budgeting with sensitivity modeling, trend analysis applied to income expectations, building dashboards and communicating financial information well, integrating development and financial department strategic planning, the impact of technology on capital budgets, investing well, understanding economic trends, legal and regulatory issues related to financial management, and more.

4. People Management and Care

We seek submissions that offer successful, biblically-based, practices in ministry people management and care. Potential topics include: Why a biblical perspective on People Management and Care matters, onboarding and equipping high performance staffs, successful practices in staff development, strategies for staff retention, effective team building, creating biblically-based team cultures, today’s legal issues in people management and care, building diversity, managing salaries and benefits well, identifying and resolving conflict, creating high performing staffs, mentoring, hiring and terminating employment well, managing multiple generations with understanding, promoting from within, and more.

5. Communications and Marketing

We seek submissions offering biblical perspective on the call to communicate effectively and winsomely to advance the kingdom mission God has given to Christian organizations. These should be aimed at building organization-wide support for the importance of effective marketing and public relations. Potential topics include: branding, media and PR strategy, marketing, digital strategy, content strategy, understanding the culture and times in which we communicate, legal considerations for marketers, the importance of research and measurement, ministry case studies, and more.

6. Internet and Technology

We seek submissions that offer a dynamic, biblically-based perspective on the power of Internet and technology in this unique time for Christian leaders. Potential topics include: effective Internet and technology strategies, how CTO's/technology directors can lead a nonprofit organization's technology program with excellence, embracing technological advancements in order to communicate well, deciding what hardware/technology your ministry needs today, outsourcing and how to harness power of outside organizations, privacy and security implications for ministries, optimizing online and email campaigns, website best practices, ministry case studies and more.

7. Board Governance

We seek submissions that offer insight on the unique governance role of boards, with biblical insight on how boards can operate and lead with excellence. Potential topics include: leading from a healthy governance model, understanding the unique roles and responsibilities of the board, identifying and addressing potential conflicts of interest in organizations, resolving board conflict, taking ministry transparency to a new level, leading a board for sustainability and impact, identifying, recruiting and analyzing your board's strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities, and more.

8. Tax and Legal

We seek submissions that offer cutting-edge thinking and insight on tax and legal issues facing today’s Christian nonprofit leader. These should cover the range of the core legal issues that will face Christian nonprofits, not just the most high profile issues. Potential topics include: understanding legal trends and changes impacting nonprofits, legal issues affecting faith-based ministries, religious liberty, knowing and responding to federal tax code changes, regulatory changes that will affect ministries, legal issues unique to the international context, risk management, contribution tax issues, fraud prevention, audits, understanding the latest IRS rules affecting nonprofits, and more.

*Faculty Registration Details

Conference faculty members receive a steeply discounted rate of $299 for the full conference and must register by December 2, 2019. Faculty cover their own conference registration fees, travel and lodging expenses. You will receive additional registration information if your proposal is selected.

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