The Outcomes Conference - Leadership Intensive Speaker - Dr. Teresa Moon

Dr. Teresa Moon

Leadership Intensive Speaker

ICC founder, Dr. Teresa Moon continues to serve as the organization’s President and CEO.

After watching high capacity teams at her convention disintegrate in  frustration and misunderstanding, Teresa Moon got serious and intentional about designing teams whose intergenerational members no longer just endured one another, but thrived by working with each other. Dr. Moon is founding President/CEO of the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC), an enlarging global community comprised of intergenerational teams empowering next-gen Christian leaders around the globe.

For decades, she has researched how intergenerational teams flourish in diverse cultures and has implemented her findings within her own teams and circles of influence to increase organizational capacity, generate leader resources, and spread transformation. Now, her ICC teams travel globally each year, using communication and leadership training to empower Christians of all ages. These teams employ irresistible mentoring for extraordinary transformation, establishing life-giving communities along the way.

An internationally recognized seminar speaker, strategic leadership consultant, author, and communications coach, Teresa shares her passion for working through teams of diverse generations to influence culture. While equipping leadership coaches of all ages, she accommodates dozens of high school and college students per session at ICC’s Training Center (which happens to be her home).

Her students have spoken on more than 100,000 platforms across the globe – including legislative bodies, the G8 Summit, and the United Nations. More information about the Institute for Cultural Communicators can be found at or their Facebook and Instagram pages.