Jacinta Tegman


Jacinta Tegman has served the CRISTA family of ministries in various leadership capacities since her arrival in 2008. She originally began in donor relations for the World Concern ministry, then moved to senior director of operations, where she managed all international field staff, including the global operations for World Concern’s work in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

In October 2013, Jacinta was appointed president of World Concern. Continuing her track record of visionary leadership, Jacinta has guided World Concern into a renewed focus on the organization’s vision, mission and core values – from headquarters in Seattle through to every country and field office. In all of this, Jacinta’s passion is to see transformation in the lives

of the poor and marginalized in some of the hardest places on the planet.

Jacinta brings more than twenty-five years of leadership and ministry experience to her role at World Concern. Prior to her time at World Concern, Jacinta served as a missionary for eight years in central Mexico. She is an ordained minister with 10 years’ experience as an associate pastor. Jacinta also served four years as the executive director of a Washington state pastor’s coalition.

Jacinta is a summa cum Laude graduate of Northwest University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. In addition, Jacinta holds a Master’s degree (MA) in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University. The university named Tegman the 2015 Leadership and Professional Engagement Award winner for innovative and forward thinking in her field.

Mrs. Tegman was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of CRISTA Ministries effective January 14, 2019. Throughout her tenure at CRISTA, Jacinta’s teams have consistently reported loving the opportunity to work with and for her. She is a faith-filled global leader who has demonstrated an amazing ability to motivate and empower the teams that she leads, as well as the donors, customers and other constituents that support the CRISTA family.

Jacinta has been married to Roger for 36 years and together they have three adult children and five grandsons.