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Gina Holm - Women's Forum

Gina Holm

Church Ministries

Full-day Women’s Forum

Peace in the Brokenness

As Christian women in leadership, we often deal with the question of whether true and lasting peace can be found in the midst of loss, brokenness and chaos. While we know the answer is “yes,” if we are honest, a common fear we have is that at some point we will be “found out” and the world will know that we struggle with loss, brokenness and chaos ourselves.

So, what if instead of worrying about being “found out” we decided to intentionally leave fear behind and enter the stillness with our God? What if we trusted Him with all of our hearts and abandoned leaning in our own understanding? What if, when our brokenness is found out, the light reveals us abiding in the safety of Christ’s love and the healing and freedom He provides? Could we then become leaders that ignite a movement of the gospel and it’s freedom to a hurting and desperate world?

Join me on this journey, Sister! We may not all be broken in the same ways and to the same depth, but broken is broken. Whatever your brokenness looks like or wherever your brokenness has led you, be encouraged! There is hope! Peace is not the absence of loss, brokenness and chaos all around us; peace is God’s presence in the midst of it all!

Outcomes —Together, we will 1) Find freedom when the realities of life and a broken world collide with the truths found in Scripture 2) Be encouraged to embrace Peace in the Brokenness of life and 3) Learn practical ways to lament brokenness well by continually abiding in the safety of God’s love.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” (Isaiah 26:3)

  • Gina Holm, The Navigators  Church Ministries

Gina Holm is a “jeans and t-shirt” girl with a little bit of bling. Her passion is encouraging women to embrace their identity in Jesus Christ and to walk in that truth as they take the next step in their journey with Him. Gina does this through speaking, writing, teaching, and life-to-life discipleship. She is passionate not just about making disciples but making disciples that make disciples.

Gina has been married to her husband, Lindell, since 1999. Lindell served 25 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps where they were introduced to The Navigators. Inspired by life-to-life discipleship, their military lifestyle provided Gina great opportunities to be involved in women’s ministries throughout the country. Lindell and Gina settled in the Metro Detroit area where Gina was blessed with the opportunity of serving in the women’s and adult ministries staff of a large south-eastern Michigan church. Gina earned a Biblical Studies Certificate from Liberty University and is currently attending Grace Theological Seminary. She is the author of the book, Peace in the Brokenness and is on staff with Navigators Church Ministries serving alongside the Detroit team to ignite a movement of Disciplemakers mobilized to advance the gospel next door to everywhere.

Gina and Lindell have three children that they are either “crazy about” or “crazy from” (depending on the day). When she is not battling laundry or getting school reading done, you will most likely find Gina on a date with her man, having some spontaneous kind of family fun, or enjoying time with friends over a cup of coffee.