Steven Maegdlin

Steven Maegdlin

Big Idea Presenter

Steven Maegdlin is the Founder, CEO Executive Advisory Partners.

As a seasoned senior executive with 30+ years of global experience in large and small for-profit companies, large and small non-profits, startups and everything in between, Steve brings a broad range of experience across all aspects of successfully running organizations.

Steve founded Executive Advisory Partners in 2015 to leverage his experience in helping organizations lead and manage through critical inflections points — those pivotal junctures in the life of an organization that if managed well, can lead to tremendous outcomes.

Before founding Executive Advisory Partners, Steve co-founded and operated as the CEO of The CSK Group, a strategic branding and marketing firm serving the faith-based market, and prior to that, he held several executive level positions including Sr. Vice President at Focus On The Family and held multiple executive positions in the technology sector.

Over the past 10 years Steve has had the privilege of working with over 50 clients and has coached dozens of CEOs on how to operate more effectively to drive growth and improve outcomes. Steve currently sits on the Board of Directors for The Christian Leadership Alliance and Scriptures In Use.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Administration, with a minor in Economics from Bradley University and a Master of Business Administration from DePaul University. He and his wife of 30 years live in Colorado Springs, CO, and have raised two grown daughters. For more information,